VMware Aria – the next big thing

At today’s VMware Multi-Cloud December 2022 briefing we explored how the new VMware Aria portfolio of multi-cloud services can help organizations optimize the cost, performance, configuration and delivery of their cloud native apps across public cloud environments

VMware announced VMware Aria at VMware Explore in US. VMware Aria the next chapter in VMware’s cross-cloud story. At VMware Explore 2022 in Europe we got a first impression how it will look and feel. And I must say – I’m quite impressed. Long story short – VMware Aria is not something that comes from nowhere. It was first introduced at VMworld 2021 as Project Ensemble. Most of the products were already there and will be just renamed to Aria like vRealize Operations goes to Aria Operations. But what’s new is the fact that we have now a centralized platform called VMware Aria Hub powered by VMware Aria Graph. And the last word is where the magic comes from. The VMware Graph API is able to track all changes made to your environment regardless of if it is done natively on the cloud providers tools or through Aria Operations for example. It will track this change and show it in the Aria Hub. You will never miss a new resource again! The Aria graph data store and API service will also enable it to seamlessly integrate with third-parity solutions such as observability and application performance tools.

Aria has been designed to address the emerging cross-cloud management challenges – the cloud chaos. With VMware Aria we are able to understand the characteristics of the target cloud from cost, performance and security perspective and comparing it with the other cloud options. The end-to-end multi-cloud management for cloud governance (Aria Guardrails), cloud migration (Aria Migration) and business insights (Aria Business) at scale.

And did you know that there is a free tier available? Don’t hesitate – check it out. It is really cool and will make your live so much easier (and more secure).

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