New VMware by Broadcom vSphere Offers

With the acquisition Broadcam has streamlined the vSphere offerings to the following packages. The licenses are new subscription only and is calculated based on host CPU sockets. Every CPU socket is calculated with at least 16 cores.

In addition, VMware published a VMware KB 95927 (Inventory Script) and VMware KB 96426 (Calculator Script) that can be used to help understand the new licensing model which uses both CPU cores and TiB (for vSAN storage sizing), please refer to the KB articles for more details.

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vSphere Essential Plus Kit – 6 SocketsvSphere Essentials Plus Kit (VVEP) – 96 Cores (6x16C)
vSphere StandardvSphere Standard (VVS)
vSphere Enterprise PlusvSphere Foundation (VVF)
VMware Cloud Foundation EnterpriseVMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)

For existing VMware vSphere Essential Plus and vSphere Standard customers will be the main target VVEP or VVS. You need to calculate if VVS is not already cheaper than staying on VVEP. Keep in mind, that the add-ons are limited on this editions. No NSX – No VSA only disaster recovery solutions with VCDR and SRM.

For all enterprise customers it will be VVF or VCF. Exisiting vSphere Enterprise Plus customers withouth NSX can go for VVF. If NSX is needed the VCF is your way to go. With VVF and VCF is Aria Operations and vSAN included free of charge. With VCF also Aria Automation, HCX and DSM.

VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)

VMware vSphere Foundation (VVF)

VMware vSphere Standard (VVS)

VMware vSphere Essentials Plus Kit (VVEP)

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