Business Continuity Management with VCDR

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is the new business continuity management solution from VMware which rescue your organization in case of disaster. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery (VCDR) is Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). DRaaS is provided through VMware Cloud Services to you. The paradigm « Do not change anything in case of disaster » is fulfilled – your workloads will be running without converting or readdressing on the VMware Cloud on AWS on the disaster site.

You will replicate your VMs snapshot up to every 30min to the VCDR file system. In case of disaster, you will spin up a VMware Cloud on AWS which connect to the VCDR file system per NFS. Through execution of the predefined DR plan, the VMs are instantly started on the VMware Cloud on AWS platform. In the background, the migration to the production datastore is performed for best performance and reliability. Your VMs will spin up with the same IP address as on your production site. You will be also able to directly publish services through NSX on VMware Cloud on AWS. The cost for the disaster site will only occur during testing or disaster and will be billed pay-as-you-go. When you overcome your disaster you will be able to revert to production site with an incremental sync from VCDR which is fully orchestrated and controlled by the DRaaS.

During configuration. You only have to fulfill these four steps

  1. Deploy a connector VM into your environment (On-Prem, VMC, AVS, etc.) to connect your platform with the DRaaS
  2. Connect the DRaaS with your vCenter instance
  3. Create Protection Plans (defines the RPO)
  4. Create DR Plan

A huge benefit of the solution in addition to the omission of converting, readdressing and lack of failback you will be able to easy test your DR plans. It is mandatory to regularly test and adopt your DR plans so in case of real disaster everything works as expected and nothing was left out. VCDR automatically record all steps and you will be able to download it as reports for audit and management purpose.

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