Mastering the VCAP-DCV Deploy exam

Yes, I did it. I passed the VCAP-DCV Deploy 2021 exam on 29th of January in first attempt. This post is about my own experience during studying and preparation for the exam and should help you, if you plan to attend a VCAP-DCV exam.

Before you start

Choose the VCAP-DCV Deploy over the VCAP-DCV Design. The Deploy exam will test you in different topics like Auto Deploy, vSAN, Content Library in real world tasks. The exam need to be taken at an exam center due to the fact the exam will be done into a VMware lab. The look and feel is the same as VMware HOL (Hands-On Labs). So get in touch with them and make you familiar with them will keep you calm during the exam.


You should start at reading the VMware exam preparation guide. All the learning objectives related to the exam are listed there and will guide you through the entire preparation period. The excellent blog bost of vladan will cover all the learning objectives. You will find it here. Do not waste time looking into brain dumps. The exam will not ask you A, B or C question, it’s all about showing your skills in configuration and troubleshooting tasks.

Exam taking

Keep calm. Read carefully and take care about spelling. Only correct spelled resources will grant points! You will not have access to VMware KB or internet. The only resources available are the VMware installation guides. If you struggle to solve a task, flag it and go ahead. Start solving the tasks you are confident and get back to the others afterwards. You will be able to solve the tasks with the available resources when you have packed your backpack with several years of experience in VMware vSphere.

After the exam

If you passed the exam, you are the hero. You are one of only a few professionals who passed an VCAP exam.

If you failed the exam, don’t be sad. Failing is part of the game and will make you stronger. Immediately, take notes about the tasks you struggled and the related topics. Take a deep breath and go back to studying on the topics you struggled and make you feel confident into them. If you are ready, register for the second attempt.

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